An ageing actress struggles with her legacy when one of her worst films becomes a cult classic. 
Length: 132 pages.
Genre: Drama.
WINNER: London Film Awards, 2017, Best First-Time Writer. 

A look back to a time before all actors weren’t computer animated.
Length: 26 pages.

When Luke receives an invitation to visit some high school friends, old wounds begin to open. 
Length: 12 pages.

An estranged family is forced to reconcile when a small fortune is unearthed.
Length: 150 pages.
Genre: Black Comedy

A fictional recount of the final days of Venus Xtravaganza during the filming of 'Paris is Burning.' 
Length: 93 pages. 
Genre: Drama

Issac returns home at the request of his family to pay his respects to a dying relative, but his new choice of career is ruffling their feathers.
Length: 20 pages. 
Genre: Comedy

When the US Navy embarks on an ambitious new experiment during the throws of WWII, the results are far more sinister than they are able to comprehend.
Length: 27 pages.

Whilst on vacation in a remote resort town in southern Turkey, Travis and Amy are befriended by an older couple who develop an unhealthy obsession with them.
Length: 29 pages.